Professor Dr Sanghamitra Mishra

It was a fine dawn of 20th June 1953 when the legendary freedom fighter of Khandasahi ( A village in the  Cuttack District),.Sri Bansidhara Mishra & his wife Srimati Devi were blessed with a little girl .This happened after long 25 years after their first daughter was born. Astonished? Ought to be! Young Bansidhara while studying in Ravenshaw College jumped into the Indian war of Independence raised his voice against the British Raj. An arrest warrant was issued & Bansidhara went underground for 25 yrs leaving behind his young wife & a two month year old daughter Krishna Ballavi. After independence he returned in 1951 & Sanghamitra was born in 1953. She was the happy outcome of the long separation (with uncerternity) , Sleepless nights & tear wet pillows of her mother. As if it was destined that the birth of Sanghamitra would let her mother to held head high.
Sanghamitra’s  schooling started in the village school Jagannth Vidyapatha ,Kahandasahi.Those were the days of love, affection, pamper along with strict discipline .Even her father called her “Sanghamitra” in school (Bansidhara had joined the village school without jumping into the political circle).Her elder sister (25 years older than her) first inspired her to write something on her own. Krishna Ballavi was also an accomplished writer in AIR. But the main inspiration was her father. A foreign returned person who read Bhagabat Gita,Bible and the Das Kapital simultaneously, inspired Sanghamitra to develop a habit of reading & writing .Now it was the time to leave the school; & proceed for further studies.
She joined the Prananath Mahahavidyalaya ,Khurda & stayed with her elder sister at Jatni(Krishna Ballavi) had  her job in the Khadi Board & her own veterinary  Pharmaceutical business at Jatni & became widow by that time).P N College ,Khurda became the fertile soil for enhancement of Sanghamitra’s  creativity.
Now what? Time for marriage. She got married to a young doctor who served the Odisha Govt, he was none other than Dr Jagannath Mohapatra, She was just 17 & completed her pre university. Pampered & delicate Sanghamitra now became the daughter –in law of a joint family .She has to look after the household, who thought about study then? But it was her doctor husband who constantly inspired her to start her studies again. By the time of her graduation she was blessed with a daughter (Aparajita) & son (Abinash).On one end she was a dotting mother, devoted wife, caring daughter-in law & on the other hand she emerged as the topper in the Utkal University (Odia Hons.)
Jagannath was transferred to Bhubaneswar & Sanghamitra to Post Graduate Department of Odia, Utkal University, Vani Vihar as a Post Graduate student. But her pen never stopped during all these years she wrote many poems which wanted to she light as an anthology. After her P.G. she did her B.Ed in Regional College of education. During these entire academic years Jagannath never left her hand & always encouraged her that the sky is the limit.
After her first joining in the teaching career at the BJB (Evening) college,RD Women’s college till the date of her retirement as Professor from the PG Department of Odia ,Utkal University,Vavi Vihar,Bhubaneswar not a single day has gone without writing anything creative. With forty books & many publications, awards, felicitations & accolades to her credit she is still active in her field. She has produced 30 nos. of Ph D Scholars and One D. Litt Scholar under her Guidance; acted as resource persons in many, state level, national level & international level conferences, seminars & symposiums.
Now it’s time for her to spend quality time with her grandson (Kaustuv & Kaibalya).But not to forgot her first love creative writing (Literary Criticism,plays,poetry, children’s literature and in almost in almost all fields.
Though her first love is poetry writing but she is well known in her field as the writer of literary criticisms on drama & odia poetry. The literary criticisms are also applauded by the scholars. Many of her dramas are staged and broadcasted in AIR, Cuttack. Her D.Litt thesis on Comparative studies of Hindi & Odia Symbolic plays is a land mark.
It is rightly said that Teaching & learning go hand in hand & the best teacher is a good learner too. Till now the learner in Sanghamitra is alive & active and always with the “Jakhya” (the character which features in her popular feature anthology ‘Jakhya Prasna”) who is not name but her conscience which guides her path.
Sanghamitra s writings address an array of problems in the society, be it the depressive psychosis of women, negligence of old parents on the pessimistic attitude of today’s youth. Her feature collection”Atmabiswasara Chabikathi” tries to bring the way ward youth to the right path. Similarly her “Basudhara Pratibada”compels the reader to think once the earth revolts means everything is own so she should be taken care off. Widely read “Jakhya Prasna”always puts forward some questions which need to be immediately addressed. It is not the lesser God Jakhya but as if it is our conscience which always bangs us.
But she believes that in spite of all the negativity good wishes flows from all sides, prayers float in the air and the light of love will one day show the path to man so that he can successfully meet his creater, That is the reason her Autobiography is named as “Sadichhara Sahasradhara” .So let the good wishes, prayers, love, compassion flow from all the sides for humans to be humans




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